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How does isoflurane vaporizer work?

The plenum vaporizer works by accurately splitting the incoming gas into two streams. This gas is then mixed with the gas in the bypass channel before leaving the vaporizer. A typical volatile agent, isoflurane, has a saturated vapor pressure of 32kPa (about 1/3 of an atmosphere).

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Similarly, it is asked, how does desflurane vaporizer work?

The desflurane vaporiser works differently. It “injects” the anesthetic agent directly into the fresh gas flow. Because of the heat, the liquid Desflurane becomes gaseous Desflurane at a pressure of about two atmospheres (about 1500 mmHg or 200 kPa). This Desflurane gas is injected into the fresh gas flow.

One may also ask, what is the color of isoflurane? Isoflurane bottles are, of course, purple. The sevoflurane Tec 7 vaporizer has its dial also in turquoise, but a yellow color patch near the filling spout. Sevoflurane bottles are, of course, yellow.

Hereof, how do you calculate anesthesia for Vaping?

SVP agent (mmHg) / Total pressure (mmHg) = Volume of volatile anesthetic / total volume leaving vaporizer = Volatile anesthetic (ml) / (carrier gas (ml) + Volatile anesthetic (ml)). Thus, if the fresh gas flow is set to 1L and dial is set at 1%, 10 ml/min of sevoflurane gas must exit the vaporizer.

Why does desflurane need a special vaporizer?

Desflurane's unique characteristics (high volatility/moderate potency) require the use of a special vaporizer for proper utilization of this gas. Desflurane vaporizers are heated to 39 degrees C, which increases the vapor pressure in the sump to 1300mmHg, preventing the possibility of boiling in warm OR rooms.

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