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How does garlic mustard spread?

The Garlic Mustard's Life Cycle
It spreads rapidly and unfortunately, displaces native or other desired plants in a relatively short period of time. Each plant can produce thousands of seeds which can be spread by wildlife, humans, water, or other means.

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Also asked, how do you keep garlic mustard from spreading?

To prevent spreading, do not mow garlic mustard when seed pods are present (May-September). Revisit pulled sites as often as possible to re-pull plants that sprout from left behind root fragments. This is especially important later in the spring as seeds develop.

Beside above, why is garlic mustard a problem? The Problem Its numerous seeds are dispersed by wind and water. It invades fields and woodlands, displacing native vegetation. Garlic mustard can change soil conditions to inhibit the growth of most other plants.

Keeping this in view, how does garlic mustard affect humans?

Garlic Mustard forms dense monocultures that reduce the biodiversity and aesthetic value of natural areas. The effects of Garlic Mustard on ecosystems are long-lasting and may permanently alter forests, even after removal. It releases allelopathic chemicals that change soil chemistry and prevent growth of other plants.

Where does garlic mustard grow?

This species occurs most frequently in upland and floodplain forests, savannas, and along roadsides. It invades shaded areas, especially disturbed sites, and open woodland. It is capable of growing in dense shade and occasionally occurs in areas receiving full sun. Garlic mustard is a biennial herb.

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