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How does ARM TrustZone work?

Arm TrustZone is an embedded security technology that starts at the hardware level by creating two environments that can run simultaneously on a single core: a secure world and a not-as-secure world (non-secure world). Security is a big concern for embedded hardware, especially for connected devices.

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Then, what is ARM security?

Arm provides a range of security IP products designed to protect against a variety of different attacks, even physical attacks. Arm security IP extends across the system with processors and subsystem protection (both hardware and software), as well as acceleration and offloading.

Also, what is secure monitor? The Secure Monitor is code that runs in Secure Monitor mode and processes switches to and from the Secure world. When the Secure Monitor transfers control from one world to the other it must save the processor context, that includes register banks, from one world and restore those for the other world.

Moreover, what is rich operating system?

Rich OS. The “main” operating system inside a device. Such an OS is designed to provide the users access to the general software functionality of a device and is considered “feature rich”. Typical examples are Linux, Android, iOS, Windows.

What is TrustZone in arm?

Arm TrustZone is a system-wide approach to embedded security option for the ARM Cortex-based processor systems. Cortex-based cores are used in everything from microcontrollers (MCUs) to high-performance processors. Providing a secure system environment is called a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

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