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How does antivirus improve computer performance?

Security software on a computer system is highlyimportant! It can help improve the computer systemperformance by speeding up the computer,defragmenting the RAM to allow more memory to be used andultimately make your computer system healthier. The way youcan do this is by using tools such as defragmentation.

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In respect to this, how does Firewall improve computer performance?

A firewall indirectly improves theperformance of your computer by not allowing Trojans,viruses and other forms of malware onto the computer.Firewall software works silently in the background,monitoring incoming and outgoing Internet and networktraffic.

One may also ask, how does removing Internet history improve performance? It is important to take the time to delete thecookies to increase the speed and performanceof your web browsing software. Removing allinternet history will increase the generalperformance of a computer; it will be able to run fasterbecause there is less data stored on to the system.

One may also ask, does antivirus affect performance?

A Quality Antivirus McAfee, likewise, has been known to curtail theresources available on the computer, adversely affecting itsperformance. Most “free” antivirus do nothave options that allow you to set its performance levelsand interaction with your computer.

Why does a computer need utility software?

Utility Software. Utility software helpsto manage, maintain and control computer resources.Antivirus software, as the name suggests, helps to protect acomputer system from viruses and other harmfulprograms. A computer virus is a computerprogram that can cause damage to a computer's software,hardware or data.

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