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How does an oil burner nozzle work?

Oil burner nozzles have the job of spraying heating oil into the combustion chamber in a spray pattern of the right size and shape to properly fit the equipment and to assure a fine spray that in turn assures as complete combustion of the heating oil as possible.

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Moreover, what do the numbers mean on a oil burner nozzle?

Oil burner nozzles are present in most forced combustion air burners. The numbers on the nozzle tell us the specific rating of the nozzle, the spray pattern angle, and the spray pattern type. The nozzle listing here has a . 75 GPM rating. That means the nozzle will spray .

Secondly, can I put a smaller nozzle in my oil burner? You can substitute an oil burner nozzle SIZE that's a bit larger or smaller - that's the gallons-per-hour number, or for your two examples 0.75 gph is the same on both nozzles. But I do NOT recommend changing the nozzle spray angle degree.

In this way, how do you clean an oil burner nozzle?

  1. Shut off the power supply to the oil furnace.
  2. Remove the nozzle from the furnace.
  3. Pour some kerosene or diesel fuel into a metal container or coffee can.
  4. Place the nozzle into the diesel fuel or kerosene.
  5. Remove the nozzle from the fuel and wipe it clean with a lint-free cloth.

What are the parts of an oil burner?

Oil burners typically consist of an oil pump with a gear pump assembly and a pressure regulator, an electromagnetic valve, a fan or blower, igniters, a capacitor start motor, and safety controls, and the nozzle. The nozzle plays a vital role in atomizing the oil in the combustion chamber.

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