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How does an indirect hot water tank work?

An indirect water heater uses the main furnace or boiler to heat a fluid that's circulated through a heat exchanger in the storage tank. The energy stored by the water tank allows the furnace to turn off and on less often, which saves energy.

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Keeping this in view, do indirect water heaters save?

Indirect water heaters take advantage of an existing heating source for power, thus they can save a lot of money over the long run. They need less maintenance than a direct model due to having fewer parts, and often have superior insulation negating the need for a water heater blanket.

Subsequently, question is, how does an indirect heating system work? Indirect Boiler System It is heated directly by the boiler. Indirectly, it heats the water in the cylinder. The coil, or "heat exchanger" forms part of the central heating circuit, and its water heating abilities are purely a by-product of its main function, which is to heat the radiators.

Then, how long does an indirect water heater last?

15 - 20 years

What is the difference between a direct and indirect water heater?

A direct fired water heater can be heated by propane, oil, or natural gas and has it's own burner. They are more energy efficient than an indirect water heater because it heats the water itself. Indirect water heaters rely on the furnace or boiler to supply the heat needed for the water.

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