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How does an atom of carbon attain noble gas configuration?

Carbon has 4 electrons in its outermost shell in order to attain noble gas configuration it has to either losing 4 electrons or by gaining 4 electrons. So carbon can form bond by sharing of its electrons with the electrons of other carbon atom or with other element and attain noble gas configuration.

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Also question is, how do carbon attain noble gas configuration?

Carbon has 4 electrons in its outer most orbits and in order to attain the noble gas configuration it should either lose or gain 4 electrons. Being a tetra valet its property is to gain or lose 4 electrons to be stable as noble gases.

Also Know, what is a noble gas electron configuration? Noble gas configuration. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Noble gas configuration is the tendency of chemical elements to gain or lose electrons to reach the electronic configuration of a noble gas. This may refer to: Octet rule, the electronic rule for main group elements.

Beside above, how do you find the noble gas configuration?

The noble gases are in Group 18 (VIIIA). Atoms of the representative elements achieve a noble gas configuration by gaining or losing electrons and becoming ions, or by sharing electrons. Helium (He), in Period 1, is the first noble gas and has an electron configuration of 1s2 .

Are noble gases conductive?

Noble gas. Other characteristics of the noble gases are that they all conduct electricity, fluoresce, are odorless and colorless, and are used in many conditions when a stable element is needed to maintain a safe and constant environment. This chemical series contains helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, and radon.

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