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How does a stockholder in a corporation differ from a person who buys a bond in the same corporation?

Shareholders are those who own stock in a company, whereas bondholders are those who own bonds issued by a company. Both investments offer the opportunity to make money, but there are risks inherent in each as well.

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Keeping this in consideration, how do the rights and claims of stockholders and bondholders differ?

Shares carry voting rights and every shareholder can vote in meetings of a company based on their percentage of holding. Bondholders merely lend their money to the company for a specific period of time and do not carry any voting rights.

Additionally, what is the difference between shareholders and investors? Difference Between Shareholders Vs. Investors. A shareholder can be anyone who invests in a corporation that issues shares, either in a private or public company. On the other hand, an investor is anyone who takes an ownership interest in any type of venture, whether it is a corporation or other business structure.

Then, what is the relationship between a corporation and its shareholders?

A corporation is an investment for its shareholders. Owning a piece of a corporation allows you to receive profits the directors decide to distribute and share in its equity if the corporation is sold. Generally, you can freely sell your shares in the business.

What are bondholders in a corporation?

A bondholder is an investor or the owner of debt securities that are typically issued by corporations and governments. Bondholders are essentially lending money to the bond issuers. In return, bond investors receive their principal—initial investment—back when the bonds mature.

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