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How does a Rainwater Hopper work?

However, if you put a hopper head in the system with the outlet pipe from the gutter at least 100mm from the base of the hopper head in heavy rain fall the hopper head fills up with water and hey presto it becomes a syphonic system, causing the drain pipe to run full of water.

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Likewise, what is a rainwater hopper?

Rainwater hoppers, or hopper heads, were traditionally designed to increase the flow of a drainpipe in heavy rainfall.

Additionally, do downpipes have to be connected to stormwater? Stormwater, including the downpipe from the roof of your house, should not be connected to the sewerage system and should not drain into the Overflow Relief Gully on your property. An incorrect connection to the sewerage system increases the chance of a sewage overflow on your property.

Subsequently, question is, how does a rain trap work?

A rain trap enables water to be diverted from your down pipe into your water butt. When the water butt is full, the rain trap will redirect water back down the down pipe. The rain trap connects to all 63mm, 68mm, 80mm, 100mm round down pipes, as well as 61mm sq and 65mm sq square down pipes.

What is a gully drain?

A gully by definition is an outside water drain pipe that's designed to discharge surface water from your garden. If you've noticed that your water gullies are draining slowly or overflowing, it's probably because they're blocked.

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