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How does a magnetic scale inhibitor work?

The theory is that as tiny lime and salt crystals pass through the magnetic field, they stick to each other rather than accumulating in the pipes.

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Furthermore, how does a scale inhibitor work?

The scale inhibitor alters the makeup of the lime scale so it does not stick to the inside of pipes and appliances. You're effectively reducing the grime in your pipe work, encouraging a better flow rate and increasing the life of your appliances.

Similarly, does magnetic anti limescale system work? Magnetic water treatment does not remove any calcium from the water. Technically, it is still just as hard as before it passed through the magnets. It claims to change the structure of the deposits that form, making them tend to be less apt to stick to surfaces.

Also, what is a magnetic scale inhibitor?

Magnetic water treatment (also known as anti-scale magnetic treatment or AMT) is a method of supposedly reducing the effects of hard water by passing it through a magnetic field as a non-chemical alternative to water softening. Magnetic water treatment is regarded as unproven and unscientific.

Do magnets work to soften water?

A magnetic water softener uses electromagnetic coils to separate certain particles that cause hard water, such as calcium and magnesium, from the water. It is effective only on water that comes within the reach of the magnets. Magnetic water softeners do not use salt to soften your water.

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