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How does a leaf Primordium differ from a mature leaf?

Overview – Leaf primordia do not differ greatly in shape and size, but mature leaves vary tremendously, largely as a consequence of differential patterns of cell division and expansion. of guard cells, indicating the key regulatory genes that control each step.

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Simply so, what is leaf primordia?

Plants produce both leaf and flower primordia cells at the shoot apical meristem (SAM). Leaf primordia are groups of cells that will form into new leaves. These new leaves form near the top of the shoot and resemble knobby outgrowths or inverted cones.

Likewise, what causes leaf growth? If a plant finds itself in competition with others, it will direct growth into leaf growth and away from reproductive growth (flowers, fruits, tubers or other storage organs). The plant can detect the presence of other plants within a metre of it by the spectrum of the light landing on its leaves.

Correspondingly, how are leaves formed?

Initial leaf formation begins immediately behind the top meristem (1) with periclinal divisions (with the division plane parallel to the surface; red in figure 2) in the subepidermal celllayers and soon later in the epidermis. A leaf stalk is absent. The opposite side develops into the leaf blade.

What is alternate leaf arrangement?

Alternate Leaf Arrangement. There are three basic types of leaf arrangements found in trees and shrubs: alternate, opposite, and whorled. In an alternate leaf arrangement, there is one leaf per plant node, and they alternate sides.

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