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How does a Black and Decker battery charger work?

The Black and Decker BCD-15 offers an interesting alternative called “battery reconditioning”. In this mode, the charger sends pulses of electricity through the batteries at a frequency which is said to dissolve the sulfate coating that builds up on the lead plates.

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Keeping this in consideration, what does f03 mean on a Black and Decker battery charger?

If the Display on the charger varies between “F03” and the amp rate, the battery is sulfated and the charger is trying to give it some charge. If after approximately 2 hours the display just shows “F03”, then the battery will not charge.

Beside above, how much is a Black & Decker Smart Battery Charger? Compare with similar items

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Then, what does recond mean on a battery charger?

Battery reconditioning charging devices

What does f01 mean on a battery charger?


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