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How do you write a metafiction story?

Common techniques of metafiction include:
  1. addressing the reader.
  2. a story within a story.
  3. a story about a someone reading or writing a book.
  4. characters that are aware that they are taking part in a story.
  5. commenting on the story while telling it, either in footnotes or within the text.

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Similarly, it is asked, what is an example of metafiction?

Definition of Metafiction Metafiction occurs in fictional stories when the story examines the elements of fiction itself. For example, a story that explores how stories are made by commenting on character types, how plots are formed, or other aspects of storytelling is engaged in an example of metafiction.

Secondly, what is the purpose of metafiction? Metafiction explore[s] a theory of writing fiction through the practice of writing fiction" (2). Metafiction attempts to blur the line between fiction and reality. In metafiction authors often break out of the narrative to address the nature of what they are doing in the novel.

Thereof, what does metafiction mean in literature?

Definition: Meta means about, so metafiction is fiction that is about fiction. In other words, fiction that thinks, and even talks, about itself. It's kind of self-conscious. So if the story you're reading is about, well, writing stories, that's metafiction.

Is metafiction a theme?

A big part of this novel was O'Brien's theme of metafiction. Metafiction is a type of fiction that self-consciously addresses the devices of fiction. This in another sense means that metafiction is the act of writing about writing.

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