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How do you wire a zone valve thermostat?

Wire 1 terminal of your system's transformer to the appropriate thermostat. Connect the other side of the thermostat to the first terminal of the zone valve operator. Helpful? Connect the second terminal from the zone valve operator to the remaining terminal in the transformer.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, where do you put a zone valve?

In most installations, the zone valves are in the returns, where the water is cooler. The cooler temperatures are easier on the valves. It has been the practice of some to place them in the supply using a manifold just above the boiler; this is often in conjunction with the “pumping away” concept.

Secondly, can you leave zone valve open? Leave the zone valve in the manual open position and it will get heat when any of the other zones call for heat. Some zone motors do have end switches that stop them in either the open or closed positions but these will have a three-wire control.

Also know, can one thermostat control two zones?

Thermostats in zoned systems can control the same heating and cooling system or each thermostat can control its own system. When multiple thermostats control one system, the house is divided into zones using dampers in the ductwork throughout the house.

How much does it cost to replace a zone valve?

Zone Valve Replacement Price Zone valves cost $60 to $200 for most residential systems. You'll need one for each zone. They control the flow of water or steam to each area of your home.

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