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How do you win a rental application?

So, here is how to win a rental application:
  1. First impressions count. Show the rental agent looking after the property that you're a socially responsible human being.
  2. Submit your application early.
  3. Check required documentation.
  4. Name multiple applicants for shared rentals.
  5. Get to know the agent.
  6. Share this.

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Considering this, how do I make my rental application stronger?

  1. Be on time. For the purposes of rental inspections, “on time” means early.
  2. Make an impression. Speaking of making good impressions, there are a number of things you can do to make yourself memorable.
  3. Have references.
  4. Write a great cover letter.
  5. Be prepared.
  6. Be honest.
  7. Follow up.

Additionally, how long does it take for a rental application to be approved? Understanding the rental application process But typically, most applications will take between 48 – 72 hours for a decision. In some instances, however, it may take longer. Hot tip: If you haven't heard back from the agent after 48 hours, it's a good idea to follow up by phone or email.

Similarly one may ask, what should be included on a rental application?

What should be included in the rental application:

  • Rental Resume. To help save time and to show you are super keen to rent the property, consider compiling a rental resume and bringing a printed copy to the viewing.
  • Photo Identification.
  • Reference Letters.
  • Pay Slips.
  • Rental History.
  • Cover Letter.
  • Follow up.

What are two things you can do to be an ideal candidate on a rental application and tenant?

Follow these five tips for an exceptional application.

  • Search Within the Budget. A landlord's primary concern when sifting through applications is finding the ideal candidate who can pay the rent on time and in full.
  • Prepare for Fees.
  • Research Credit History.
  • Be Professional.
  • Be Honest.

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