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How do you use the AeroGarden seed starter?

Plug cord into outlet, and plug light cord into hood. Press “Select” button to set AeroGarden to “Herbs” setting. If growing in an Ultra or Bounty model, press 'Quick Start' and follow on-screen instructions, then select “Seed Starting” when choosing Garden Type.

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Correspondingly, can I use regular seeds in my AeroGarden?

Plant and grow your own seeds in your AeroGarden! With the Grow Anything Kit, you can plant and grow all year-round, no matter the season. Your seeds will grow in water, light, and air with the optimal conditions of the AeroGarden.

One may also ask, can you grow broccoli in AeroGarden? You can literally grow anything, though you may have to transfer it to a soil bed later. Eggplant, broccoli, whatever you and your family love! If you have your own seeds, use our Grow Anything Seed Pod Kit to grow them in your AeroGarden and you'll be all set.

Moreover, how does an AeroGarden work?

AeroGarden systems allow for plant roots to grow outward into air space, and then down into a highly oxygenated nutrient solution. Plants grown in an AeroGarden do not use soil, but instead get their nutrients from a combination of air and a nutrient rich water solution.

Can I make my own AeroGarden pods?

Homemade or Third-Party Replacements The stock AeroGarden seed pod grow sponges can be substituted with any of various air conditioning weatherstripping seals such as Frost King Air Conditioner Weatherseal (cost about $3) or a similar low-density, open-celled foam. Simply cut pieces to size.

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