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How do you use Study Island in the classroom?

7 Tips for Success Using Study Island Practice
  1. What does Study Island standards-based practice look like in your classroom?
  2. Practice sessions level the playing field.
  3. Practice formats are flexible.
  4. Blue Ribbons allow you to celebrate mastery.
  5. Students can save their work and return later.
  6. Practice content comes from a large item pool.

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Consequently, how does Study Island work?

Study Island is goal oriented. Students work to achieve each mini-goal within their specific curriculum. A student may be working on a lesson over “Context Clues.” The teacher can set the benchmark score at 75 percent for mastery. The student then answers the designated number of questions.

Secondly, what is a white ribbon in Study Island? Students will receive a White Ribbon when they pass a Building Block Topic.

Thereof, how do you get on Study Island?

How to Login to Study Island (for schools with subscriptions)

  1. Login to your Online School (OLS) account.
  2. Click Study Island located under Quick Links - do not use Lesson Shortcuts or other lesson hyperlinks to access this system.
  3. Click Study Island Member Log in OR click HERE and save page as bookmark or favorite.

How much does Study Island cost for a school?

Study Island for Home costs $15 per month or $180 per year for a single license covering all subjects. A family license, which allows for up to five licenses, costs $25 per month or $200 per year.

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