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How do you use control measures?

A simple control measure would be the secure guarding of moving parts of machinery eliminating the potential for contact.

What are Control Measures?
  1. Eliminate the hazard.
  2. Substitute the hazard with a lesser risk.
  3. Isolate the hazard.
  4. Use engineering controls.
  5. Use administrative controls.
  6. Use personal protective equipment.

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Then, what are control measures?

Control measures are actions and/or activities that are taken to prevent, eliminate or reduce the occurrence of a hazard that you have identified.

Similarly, how do you implement control measures? Identify and evaluate options for controlling hazards, using a "hierarchy of controls." Use a hazard control plan to guide the selection and implementation of controls, and implement controls according to the plan. Develop plans with measures to protect workers during emergencies and nonroutine activities.

Correspondingly, what are the 5 major categories of control measures?

Different hierarchies, legal requirements

  • Elimination;
  • Substitution;
  • Engineering controls;
  • Signage/warnings and/or administrative controls;
  • Personal protective equipment.

What are safety controls?

Safety controls are processes, practices, systems, policies and tools that are designed to reduce safety risks.

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