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How do you use articles in German?

In German, we generally use nouns together with their articles. The article tells us the gender, number, and case of the noun. There are indefinite articles (ein, eine) and definite articles (der, die, das).

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Besides, how are definite articles used in German?

The definite articles in German refer to specific persons, objects, ideas…etc. and they are : der, die, das, die (plural) they all mean the expression “the” in English, der is used for masculine nouns, die is used for feminine nouns, das is used for neuter nouns, and finally die used also for plural nouns.

how do you use in German? The masculine definite article (“the”) is der, the feminine is die, and the neuter form is das. German speakers have had many years to learn whether wagen (car) is der or die or das. It's der wagen, but for learners new to the language it's not so easy to know which form to use.

Then, what article does kind take in German?

Definite articles

masculine neuter
nominative der Mann das Kind
accusative den Mann das Kind
dative dem Mann dem Kind
genitive des Mannes des Kindes

Why is Madchen neuter?

As for girls, the word Mädchen is still neuter for two reasons, a) because it ends in 'chen', b) because nouns ending in 'chen' don't change in the plural. By saying das Mädchen, we know it's one girl, whereas die Mädchen is more than one. If we wanted to say 'The girl is little.

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