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How do you use a GIA stapler?

The GIA stapler places two double rows of staggered B-shaped stables 3.5mm apart and then incises in between. It is used most often in combination with a TA stapler to create functional end-to-end anastomoses. The EEA stapler places a circular double-row of staples.

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Simply so, what is an EEA stapler used for?

The EEA™ hemorrhoid and prolapse stapler set with DST Series™ technology is designed for use as a stapler instrument for control of rectal prolapse and hemorrhoid disease. The instrument places a circular, double-staggered row of titanium DST™ staples and removes a circular tissue specimen.

Also Know, what is Endobag? A sac or bag used in laparoscopic surgery in which tissue is placed to facilitate removal or morcellation. Synonym(s): endobag.

In this way, what is an Endo GIA stapler?

The Endo GIA™ universal stapling system compresses tissue as it is fired. This action moves the tissue gap control mechanism 15 mm with each squeeze, to physically pull the anvil and staple cartridge together to sequentially compress the tissue as it fires.

What are surgical staples made of?

Although most surgical staples are made of titanium, stainless steel is more often used in some skin staples and clips. Titanium produces less reaction with the immune system and, being non-ferrous, does not interfere significantly with MRI scanners, although some imaging artifacts may result.

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