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How do you use a Dettol hand wash bottle?


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Accordingly, can we use Dettol hand wash on face?

No, you should not. It contains antiseptic solution and is not ideal for face wash. Infact, you should not even use it regularly as your hand wash either as frequent use of antiseptic handwashes compromises our immunity and raises resistance of germs too.

Also Know, how do you unlock the hand wash in Mr Magic? With the power of neem and aloe vera, it protects your hands from germs and leaves your skin feeling soft.

  1. add. 200ml clean water. till the given mark.
  2. pour. the magic formula.
  3. shake* the mixture immediately, to get a full bottle of handwash.
  4. unlock. by turning the nozzle anti-clockwise and use!

Secondly, what is the price of Dettol hand wash?

In Stock. This Dettol hand wash as an ideal antiseptic method for washing our hands. I have been using this hand wash Since 4 or 5 years.

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M.R.P.: ₹149.00
Price: ₹141.55
You Save: ₹7.45 (5%)

Can you refill Dettol No Touch?

The easy-to-use refill is only for use with the Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System. To replace, start by turning the dispenser to the off position and remove the empty refill. Peel off the safety seal from the cap of the new refill and insert into the dispenser until it clicks into place.

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