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How do you treat recurrent uveitis in horses?

Treatment, Prevention, and Control of Equine Recurrent Uveitis
  1. Topical steroids and systemic nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories are used in conjunction to decrease inflammation.
  2. Topical atropine is used as an adjunctive treatment to reduce intraocular pain and cause mydriasis.

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Also asked, can uveitis in horses be cured?

Equine recurrent uveitis and uveitis are two different diseases, Gilger stressed. Although there is no cure for ERU, an immune-mediated disease, treatment is often effective in controlling clinical signs and active episodes.

Furthermore, is there a cure for moon blindness in horses? Treatment for Moon Blindness Treatment will likely include steroids, and drugs that will help the horse's pupil dilate. You will want to protect your horse from bright light with either a mask or by keeping it indoors. Each time the condition reoccurs, you will need to resume treatment.

Besides, how is uveitis treated in horses?

Treatment for a single bout of uveitis: Banamine and Bute are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that also have pain relieving properties. Banamine is considered more effective than Bute and aspirin. In the case of uveitis, a topical steroid ointment or solution usually combined with an antibiotic is also used.

Is equine uveitis contagious?

Signs of ERU Equine recurrent uveitis is not considered contagious, meaning that it cannot be spread from one horse to another. The underlying cause for ERU is controversial and has been debated for decades. Historically, exposure to a bacterium called Leptospira has been implicated as an infectious cause.

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