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How do you thicken sweet potato casserole?

Mash the potatoes up with a potato masher to break up any large pieces. Mix the sweet potato mixture thoroughly until creamy. Mix in the brown sugar, white sugar, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg and butter. Add in the flour to thicken if needed and mix well.

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Also, how do you fix runny sweet potato casserole?

If it's a potato casserole made with cream, milk or other dairy product, you can add cheese to thicken it up or, alternatively, mix some of the excess liquid or use a little milk with cornstarch, equal accounts of each (tb cornstarch to tb liquid, mix well) pour it into the casserole, mix it through all the liquid and

Furthermore, how do you thicken mashed sweet potatoes? Avoid stirring too much, or your mashed potatoes might end up with a gummy texture. Alternatively, heat your mashed potatoes in a microwave for 1 to 2 minutes until they reach a consistency you like. Consider adding a thickening agent, like flour, cornstarch, or parmesan cheese, to quickly thicken your mashed potatoes.

Keeping this in consideration, is Sweet Potato Casserole supposed to be runny?

You can bake or boil your sweet potatoes for sweet potato casserole. (Another hot tip if you're boiling your sweet potatoes: Don't overcook them! They tend to absorb water, which could make the filling watery.) So say you do have some undercooked bits of sweet potato.

How do you make a casserole less soupy?

Whisk together equal parts cornstarch and cold water in a small bowl. Use one tablespoon of cornstarch per cup of liquid you would like to thicken. Stir out all the lumps. A few minutes before your casserole is done, add it a little at a time until you are happy with the thickness.

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