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How do you test an interface?

To test an interface with common tests regardless of implementation, you can use an abstract test case, and then create concrete instances of the Test Case for each implementation of the interface. While the concrete tests take care of instantiating the object to test and perform any implementation-specific tests.

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Similarly, it is asked, can you unit test an interface?

Unit testing and interfaces. Good code and unit testing come hand in hand, and sometimes the bridge between them are interfaces. When you have an interface, you can easily “hide” any implementation behind it, even a mock for a unit test. An important subject of unit testing is managing external dependencies.

Similarly, why do we need interface in test? interface allows a class to behave like multiple types, which is not possible without multiple inheritance of class. It also ensures that you follow programming to interface than implementation pattern, which eventually adds lot of flexibility in your system.

Similarly, you may ask, what is data interface testing?

Interface Testing is performed to evaluate whether systems or components pass data and control correctly to one another. It is to verify if all the interactions between these modules are working properly and errors are handled properly.

Can we write JUnit for interface?

However, JUnit does not provide an easy way to write tests for testing subclasses. Others attempt to subclass one test from another, which does not scale when interfaces need testing. If you intend to make your tests maintainable and robust, then they need a design just as much as the core system.

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