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How do you test a boiler expansion tank?

How to Tell If an Expansion Tank is Working
  1. Tap on the tank. It should be hollow about half way up.
  2. Check the temperature by feeling the top and bottom of the tank. The tank should be warm on the bottom and cool on the top if it is working properly.
  3. Use an air gauge to check the pressure inside the tank.
  4. Check to see if your release valve is spurting water.

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Keeping this in consideration, how do you know if your expansion tank is bad?

If your boiler's pressure relief valve has been venting water, it is a good sign that the expansion tank is not functioning correctly. You may be able to slightly lift up on the tank to judge its weight. If it seems extremely heavy, it probably contains too much water.

what happens if expansion tank fails? What Happens if the Expansion / Compression Tank is Not Working? The loss of air cushion in the expansion / compression tank means that at each heating-on cycle the system pressure can be too high, causing the temperature/pressure relief valve to spill.

Subsequently, question is, how does an expansion tank work on a boiler?

The expansion tank does the job of maintaining even pressure inside the boiler by giving its water a place to expand and a cushion to absorb the pressure and then regulate it. Inside the expansion tank, a diaphragm divides the chamber into two sections. The expansion valve keeps the air and the water separate.

Why do expansion tanks fail?

That air pressure is called the “pre-charge.” But having the tank's pre-charge higher than the water pressure will prevent the expansion tank from allowing water into the tank, thereby rendering the tank pointless. It could also rupture the rubber diaphragm since it's not designed to be inflated beyond 80 psi.

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