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How do you take care of Nerium oleander?

Although the shrubs are drought-tolerant, they look their best when they are watered during dry spells. However, take care not to over water them. Yellowing leaves indicate that the plant is getting too much water. If the soil is poor, feed the plant lightly with a balanced fertilizer during its first spring.

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Also to know is, what is the best fertilizer for oleander?

Oleanders are high water users and love fertilizer. They do not like to be watered daily and do their best if the soil does not dry excessively between waterings. Use a complete fertilizer such as Peters or Miracle-Gro for flowering plants and water it into the soil about once every six to eight weeks.

Additionally, how often should I water my oleander? They like to be watered as much as you would water your shade trees – deeply every three days. To aid in water retention, create a reservoir or dike that is 2-4 inches tall around the trunk of the tree.

Likewise, people ask, should I deadhead oleander?

Shrubs that bloom over longer periods and summer-flowering shrubs, like rose and oleander, respond best to deadheading, but this practice does not extend the flowering time of perennials that bloom over a brief period or of shrubs such as azaleas or hydrangeas, which bloom from a set number of buds.

When should oleanders be cut back?

Ideally, the oleander (Nerium oleander) is pruned after blooming. All types — spring or free-bloomers - should be pruned by the end of August or early September to give any new growth sufficient time to harden off before winter.

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