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How do you take care of an angel tears plant?

Always keep the soil of a Baby Tear's plant moist but never soggy. If the soil stays too wet, the stems quickly rot. Feed every two weeks in the spring and summer when a Baby's Tears plant is actively growing. Use a basic houseplant fertilizer.

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Correspondingly, do baby tears need sun?

Light. Baby tears plants will take brief periods of intense sunlight, but look their best in bright, filtered light. Plants growing in full sun may develop brown, scorched leaves. Outdoors, they should be planted in fairly shady locations.

Additionally, how much water do baby tears need? Grow baby's tears in medium light for best results. It can take brighter light indoors, especially in Northern climates, but needs more frequent watering with additional light. Baby's tears appreciates somewhat moist -- but not soggy -- potting mix, so water enough to keep the plant from drying out.

Consequently, can baby tears grow in water?

Baby's Tears Pinch off a cluster of stems, with or without roots, and watch how easily this plant adapts to growing in water. Because baby's tears plants grow so many leaves along their stems, leaves that are constantly submerged may begin to rot.

How do baby tears grow?

Baby's tear houseplant can be planted in regular potting soil kept lightly moistened. Although the baby's tear houseplant enjoys higher humidity, it also needs good air circulation, so consider this when adding the plant to a terrarium or bottle garden. Do not cover the terrarium if including this plant.

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