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How do you store clothes without mothballs?

4 Natural Alternatives for Mothballs
  1. Cedar Chips. Use cedar chips as a useful alternative for protecting fabrics in your closet from moths. Hang cedar blocks and cedar chip balls in closets from the hangers with string.
  2. Airtight Containers or Garment Bags. Seal up clothes in containers as a preventive measure and to free up space in the closet.

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Regarding this, how do you keep moths away without mothballs?

Here's how to get rid of moths naturally without using mothballs.

  1. Always Wash First. Image via Bigstock.
  2. Cedar Chips. Cedar chips are a natural moth deterrent and a useful alternative for protecting your closet's contents from insects.
  3. Lavender.
  4. Cloves.
  5. Airtight Containers.
  6. DIY Moth Repellant Spray.
  7. Clean Up After Pets.

Subsequently, question is, do mothballs ruin clothes? Naphthalene mothballs keep Moths out of clothing but must be used carefully, especially around children. Mothballs can irritate skin; keep fabric from coming into direct contact with mothballs. Air out mothball-stored clothing for several days prior to wearing.

Consequently, how do you store clothes with mothballs?

Pack your clothing into a resealable container. Mothballs must only be used in enclosed, airtight containers. Choose plastic containers and garment bags you can close up and store in the closet or under the bed. Lay the clothes inside the container. Moths eat animal products such as wool, leather, and felt.

How do you moth proof your home?

Expert Advice: How to Moth Proof Your Home, 5 Natural Deterrents

  1. Clean Up. Keeping everything clean is essential.
  2. Create a DIY Cedar Closet. It's crucial to deploy some ingredients that moths don't like, but avoid moth balls—they're as poisonous as they smell.
  3. Deploy Potent Sachets.
  4. Set Traps.
  5. Spritz Fragrant Water.

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