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How do you stop TTS on discord?

You can disable Text-To-Speech by going intoSettings > Text & Images > Disable "Allow playbackand usage of /tts command." This will now make it so thatany instance of /tts will not be played if you or someoneelse uses it.

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Considering this, how do you use TTS on discord?

User Settings -> Notifications ->Text-to-Speech For all channels: This setting allows any channel,across any server, to have messages be read in Text-to-Speech,regardless if they use the /tts command or not.You'll be hearing a fair amount of TTS across all of yourchannels if you have this enabled.

Secondly, can you change the TTS voice on discord? Change TTS Voice Rate Select the Text-to-Speech tab. Move the Voicespeed slider to change the rate of the Text-to-Speechvoice. By default, it is set to Normal. Click PreviewVoice to hear the currently selected voice at the newrate.

Consequently, how do I turn off text to speech?

Turn on TalkBack

  1. From any Home screen, double tap the Apps icon.
  2. Double tap Settings.
  3. Scroll to 'SYSTEM' and double tap Accessibility.
  4. Double tap TalkBack.
  5. Move TalkBack slider to the left to turn off.
  6. Double tap Ok to confirm TalkBack is turned off.

How do I turn off text to speech in Minecraft?

Accessible chat using text-to-speech

  1. Use the Accessibility Menu in Settings to enable text-to-speechfor chat.
  2. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+B at any point during a gamesession to enable text-to-speech for chat.

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