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How do you stop hating someone who hurt you?

  1. Distract yourself. If you start dwelling on the personyou hate, keep busy.
  2. Breathe slowly and deeply when you feel angry.
  3. Write a letter to express your feelings, but don't sendit.
  4. Vent to people you trust.
  5. Ask an authority figure for help.
  6. Consider talking to a therapist.

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In this regard, how do you get rid of hatred?

How to get rid of hatred:

  1. Notice its presence. Pay attention to your spiteful thoughtsand words.
  2. Identify the source. Explore which issues set hatred intomotion.
  3. Sit quietly with your hateful emotions. Don't offer them fuelby rationalizing why you think them.
  4. Relax.
  5. Replace unhealthy thought patterns.
  6. Repeat the process.

Furthermore, how do you forgive someone who hurt you? Here's how to forgive someone who hurt youemotionally.

  1. Don't rush or force it. When someone hurts you, allow yourselfto feel the emotions.
  2. Understand why you need to let go.
  3. Do the unthinkable — empathize.
  4. Live in the present.
  5. Don't take things personally.
  6. Let go of your expectations.
  7. Learn from the experience.

Thereof, what does it feel like to hate someone?

You feel hate for a person that you thinkis a bad person, who is capable of doing bad things. Forexample, you may feel hate for someone who hasdeliberately hurt you or a loved one in the past, forsomeone who has gravely betrayed your trust, orsomeone who has deeply harmed yourself-identity.

What does hating on someone mean?

Intense animosity or dislike; hatred. Idiom: hate on(someone) Slang. To ridicule, insult, or act hatefully toward:Stop hating on them—they're my friends.

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