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How do you start a gig car?

You can unlock Gig cars on the street using your app. If returning to an active rental you can use the Gig card, just tap the windshield reader until the car unlocks. Just get in, put your foot on the brake, and push the“Power” button.

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Hereof, how do you get a gig car?

Your first Gig Car trip

  1. Get the app. First things first.
  2. Complete app registration. Grab your payment card and drivers license.
  3. Take your first trip! Once you've submitted your license and payment info, you'll be approved to drive!
  4. End your trip. When you want to end your trip, no need to bring the car back to a specific spot.

Additionally, how much does a gig car cost? Our Electric Gig pricing is: $0.40 per minute. $15 an hour. $85 for the day.

Similarly, it is asked, how much is a gig car for a day?

Current Hybrid Gig (Blue Pins) Rates

Per Minute $0.40 (up to $15)
Per Hour 1 hour $15.00 8 hours $55
Per Day $85, weekends (Fri at 4 p.m. - Sun) $85 $69, weekdays (M-F at 4 p.m.)* *Promotion ends 2/29

Where can I park a gig car?

Gigs can be parked in any legal space that permits parking for one hour or more in the HomeZone, including metered or time zone spaces that allow one hour or more parking and are not otherwise restricted. The general rule is, if the parking sign is green for one hour or more, you're in the clear.

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