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How do you speed up DensShield?


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Furthermore, how do you speed up Densglass?

Fasteners should be driven flush with the panel surface (not countersunk) and into the framing system. Locate fasteners at least 3/8” (9 mm) from the ends and edges of the sheathing. Nails or screws, as listed in the fastener chart, may be used to attach DensGlass Sheathing to framing.

is DensShield fireproof? DensShield Tile Backer may also be finished with paint or wallpaper for non-tile areas that require superior fire and moisture resistance where its moisture barrier and water-repelling qualities are desirable. DensShield Tile Backer also adds stabilizing and fire resistant qualities to countertop installations.

Then, what kind of screws do you use with DensShield?

No special or unique fasteners are required to fasten DensShield Tile Backer panels in place. For wood studs: galvanized roofing nails, rust-resistant drywall screws or bugle head deck screws. Fasteners should be long enough to penetrate at least 3⁄49 (19 mm) into the wood framing members.

What is the R value of DensGlass?

R-Value (ASTM C518): 0.56. 12. Mold Resistance (ASTM D3273): 10, in a test as manufactured.

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