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How do you separate baby cycads?

Using a chisel and mallet or a mattock, chip away at the roots between the offset and mother plant; then try prying the pup loose with a gardening knife or trowel. After removing the pup, fill in the hole where it was growing with soil to protect the mother plant's roots.

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Likewise, how do you propagate cycads?

How to do it:

  1. Cut off the side bud and remove all the fronds.
  2. Place the bud on a seed tray of composted pine bark and leave it somewhere relatively dry for about a year.
  3. The bud will slowly produce roots but it won't be ready to pot on until it produces new shoots – this can happen quite suddenly.

Furthermore, should sago palm pups be removed? When you remove the pups from the trunk of a sago palm, make sure you get the entire stem. You may have to go into the trunk a little to get the base of the stem. ANSWER: Yes, you can carefully remove the pups from the original plant, and you can do it now.

Correspondingly, how do you separate sago palm pups?

Wiggle the pup until it pulls off, or else cut the narrow base. After separating sago palm pups from the parent plant, clip off any leaves and roots on the pups. Place the offsets in the shade to harden off for a week. Then plant each one in a pot a couple of inches bigger than it is.

What do you feed cycads?

Of the seed bearing plants, cycads are about the farthest plant group away from palms. Most palm fertilizers are low in nitrogen (with N around 7-10). To produce a high enough energy level so that previously mentioned results can be attained a fertilizer with a nitrogen level around 18-25 needs to be used.

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