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How do you restore old hardwood floors?

Refinishing Wood Floors | 7 Easy Steps
  1. Empty the room.
  2. Make any necessary repairs.
  3. Clean the floor.
  4. Allow the floor to dry.
  5. Gently scuff the old finish.
  6. Vacuum the dust.
  7. Apply your chosen finish.
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In this regard, how much does it cost to refinish hardwood floors?

Cost to Refinish Hardwood Floors Refinishing hardwood floors costs $1,684 on average with a typical range between $1,074 and $2,400. You can expect to pay anywhere from $3 to $8 per square foot. For large and complex jobs, you might spend up to $4,000. The more area you have, the lower the square foot price.

One may also ask, how do you refinish a 100 year old wood floor? Refinishing 100 (plus) year-old hardwood floors

  1. Step 1 // prep. Empty the room and prepare for dust onslaught.
  2. Step 2 // drum sander. We started sanding with a drum sander because our floors had a lot of layers to remove.
  3. Step 3 // clean the dust.
  4. Step 4 // fill.
  5. Step 5 // orbital sanders.
  6. Step 6 // clean.
  7. Step 7 // stain (optional)
  8. Step 8 // first poly coat.

Just so, how do you restore hardwood floors without sanding?

How to Restore Hardwood Floors Without Sanding

  1. Remove everything from the room and sweep or vacuum the hardwood floor to remove any dirt or debris.
  2. Attach a medium- or fine-grit mesh screen to your buffer.
  3. Place the buffer at the end of the room farthest from the door.

How do you strip old hardwood floors?

If you want to take on the task yourself, there are multiple methods for stripping varnish from a wood floor.

  1. Apply a paint stripper to your floor.
  2. Remove the varnish from your floor surface.
  3. Vacuum the floor.
  4. Place the sander in the center of the room and turn it on, with the sander tilted upward.

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