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How do you replace a whole house fan belt?

Pull one end of the old fan belt off from around the hub connected to the motor shaft. Pull the other end of the belt off the other hub inside the fan. Lift the belt out of the fan--if the fan belt is broken in half, pull the two sections off the hubs and lift them out of the fan.

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Similarly, how do you clean a whole house fan?

Use a cloth with a mild household cleaner sprayed on it to clean all parts of the fan after removing the vent cover. Be sure to clean the motor, both sides of the fan blades and surrounding encasing. Put the cover back on and restore power.

Secondly, why is my attic fan squeaking? Attic fans also have small ball bearings that help lubricate the fan's movement. Due to regular wear and tear, these bearings can become worn out or lose their lubrication ability. This can cause the fan to start making constant noise and, in some cases, even a loud squealing sound.

Also Know, who can fix an attic fan?

Most fan motors last between 10-15 years, so if that fan is approaching this age, it may be due for a motor replacement. Wiring and thermostat issues can be fixed by an electrician or other type of HVAC contractor. If the problem is a circuit breaker, then you're in luck.

Are whole house fans worth it?

It is less expensive to run a whole house fan than an A/C because of the amount of energy each use. A whole house fan uses much fewer watts than the normal air conditioner. The normal air conditioner, on average, uses an estimated 3,500 watts.

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