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How do you remove decked drawers?


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Herein, is decked waterproof?

The drawers are weatherproof not waterproof. The Decked will keep your gear dry in the craziest of storms and even stay dry while at a car wash. However it is not completely sealed and if you hit it from the back from a low angle you may get water in there.

Beside above, how tall is the decked system? The DECKED system measures 12 inches in height as measured from the top of bed ribs to the top of the DECKED system.

Accordingly, how much does a decked system weight?

Depending on your bed length, the DECKED system will weigh ~185 lbs. for the short bed unit or ~200 lbs. for the standard bed unit.

How do I install a bed tool box?

Enter the rubber j-bolt plugs into the pre-drilled holes, if they're not already there. Then, place the box on top of the padding or bed liner. Open the tool box to expose the interior. From underneath the box, insert the hook of the j-bolt under the bed rail and poke the threaded part through the rubber plug.

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