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How do you redeem Landry points?

To redeem your Rewards, simply present your Landry's Select Club Card when you pay your bill. If you forget your card you can still redeem a Reward if you provide your server with the phone number on your account and show valid ID. Rewards are deducted in $25 increments.

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Also know, how does a Landry card work?

Present your membership card to your server and earn 1 point for every $1 spent on eligible food, beverage, retail, and online & in-store gift card purchases at any participating location. When 250 points are earned, they are converted into a $25 REWARD. A max of $300 in rewards may be earned per check.

Additionally, how do you become a Landry's member? To join at any participating restaurant, simply ask your server for Landry's Select Club card to be put on your bill. Once purchased, register your card and receive a $25 Welcome Reward, available for your next visit! Begin the registration process by creating a username and password above.

Similarly one may ask, do Landry's points expire?

Unused points and Earned Rewards will expire 12 months from the date of issue or the date of reward, as applicable. Birthday Rewards expire on the 15th of the month following the birthday month.

What does it mean to defer rewards?

By clicking on Defer Reward, you are choosing to not use your Reward your next visit at one of Landry's locations. The Reward stays deferred until you enable it on your account. Deferring your Reward does not extend the expiration.

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