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How do you qualify for state track meet?

Qualifying for the State Meet: Qualifying for the state meet are the top 18 performances in each event as recorded during the season in Class 5A through Class 2A and the top 9 performances in each event in Class 1A (12 in field events, distance events, and 4x800). If ties cannot be broken, then all advance.

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Also asked, what is a state meet?

The CIF California State Meet is the annual championship track and field meet for the California Interscholastic Federation. The meet was started in 1915 for boys and 1974 for girls. In recent years a minimum of 27 athletes in each event reach this final meet of the official track and field season.

Subsequently, question is, what is the Illinois State qualifying track times?

Event 7th Girls 8th Girls
400 Meter Dash * 1:05.24 1:04.74
800 Meter Run * 2:36.24 * 2:34.74
1600 Meter Run 5:45.24 5:42.24
4x100 Meter Relay :56.24 * :54.74

Keeping this in consideration, how many points is a track meet?

Scoring in a track meet is calculated on a points basis. In the case of a dual meet, the first three places in an event will score points for their team. So, if Rex Brown of Ocean View wins the 400 meters, he earns 5 points for the Seahawks.

What is the order of events for a middle school track meet?

Federal League Middle School Order of Running Events Girls run each event first followed by boys. The fastest runners should run in the 1st heat. Field Events may sometimes start early and vary by meet who competes first among girls and boys.

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