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How do you prune Japanese magnolias?

When to Prune
Japanese magnolias heal slowly from pruning cuts. To protect yours from wound-infesting diseases and pests, prune only to shape it and remove dead or crossing branches, or to encourage a tree form by removing its lower branches.

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Considering this, how far can you cut back a magnolia tree?

Prune magnolias only when they really need it. Magnolia x soulangeana cultivars can reach 20ft, Magnolia lilliflora may reach 13ft and Magnolia stellata cultivars often reach 10ft.

Subsequently, question is, how do Japanese magnolias grow? Plant Japanese magnolias in a well-drained, sunny to partly sunny location. Make sure you do not plant it too close to the house – it will need room to spread about 10 or 15 feet. Dig a hole just as deep as the root ball and two or three times its width. Take the tree out of its container and set it in the hole.

Subsequently, question is, can you prune a magnolia tree to keep it small?

It is possible to keep it small but as you have discovered, its not that easy. Choose a shape and prune towards that goal. Try pruning to encourage sidewards growth and discourage upward growth. With a long term plan, you can keep your tree small and attractive and still have flowers.

Can I cut the top off my magnolia tree?

What Ron B is saying is that you can't top a Magnolia without causing damage! Magnolias are not trees that take pruning well. The tend to look really ugly after a major pruning and the rapid regrowth branch structure is just as unsightly and is weakly attached to the tree (not good in ice storms).

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