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How do you prune a Firewitch dianthus?

Trim or pinch back overgrown and leggy stems at any time during the summer growing season to maintain the shape of the plant. Make the cuts near a leaf bud on the stem to encourage branching. Prune back the dianthus in fall, when the plants begin to die back naturally.

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Besides, how do you maintain dianthus?

Instructions on how to care for dianthus are very straightforward. Water the plants when dry and apply fertilizer every six to eight weeks. You may also work a slow-release fertilizer into the soil at planting, which will release you from the need to feed the plants.

Also, how do you get dianthus to bloom again? Deadheading. Trim back flower heads in spring as soon as they lose their beauty. Do this before they set seed to encourage new buds. A new flush, somewhat less glorious than the first, will appear in a few weeks.

Just so, will dianthus rebloom if deadheaded?

Deadheading, or the removal of spent blossoms, will help ensure constant flowers in your garden throughout the growing season. Deadheading dianthus allows the plants to direct their energy into growing more blossoms and denser foliage instead of producing seeds.

How do you prepare dianthus for winter?

Prepping for Winter Trim dianthus back after they flower, especially biennial varieties, removing the old flowers and one-third of the top growth. You should also cease any fertilizing and water sparingly when freezing temperatures threaten. Cottage pinks, in particular, suffer from being too wet in the winter.

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