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How do you pronounce Gualala CA?

Gualala is an uncommonly friendly place, so be prepared to talk. A hint to separate yourself from uninitiated wayfarers: The town's name is pronounced WAH-la-la . A sure-fire conversation opener: “Do you think the fog will roll in?”

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People also ask, what does Gualala mean?

Gualala is a Pomo name meaning "where the waters flow down." The mill owned by Haywood R.

Likewise, what county is Gualala in? Mendocino County

Secondly, what is there to do in Gualala CA?

The top attractions to visit in Gualala are:

  • Gualala Point Regional Park.
  • Gualala Bluff Trail.
  • Gualala River Redwood Park.
  • Gualala Arts Center and Art Center Theater.
  • Gualala River.

What is the population of Gualala CA?

2,093 (2010)

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