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How do you pop a dent out of a truck bed?

Dent Repair: How to Repair a Truck Bed Dent
  1. Step 1 - Wet Down the Bed. You want to make sure the bed of the truck is at least damp.
  2. Step 2 - Use the Plunger. A household plunger can pull small to medium dents out of metal.
  3. Step 3 - Bang it Out.
  4. Step 4 - Drill a Hole.

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Also asked, how do you pop out a large dent?

All you need to do is to place the plunger on where the dent is and pump it. The plunger will then create a suction on the dent. When you can notice that there is enough suction, you can firmly pull the plunger. If you are lucky enough, this method can prevent you from visiting an auto collision repair shop in Reseda.

Additionally, how do you push a dent out of the inside? How to Push Out a Dent

  1. Look at the area and panel that is dented. If the dent is on a fender, look under and behind the fender to see how to get to the back side of the dent.
  2. Use a small hammer to gently tap the backside of the dent. Start in the center and work your way to the outer edges of the dent, tapping more gently near the edges.

Also Know, how do you get a dent out of metal?

  1. Push the Dent Out. If you can get behind the dent, then you might be able to simply push it from the opposite side to make it pop out again.
  2. Use a Plunger or a Similar Suction Cup Strategy.
  3. Use Pops-a-Dent.
  4. Apply Cold to the Surface.
  5. Use a Hair Dryer or a Heat Gun.
  6. Use a Combination of Pushing, Pulling, Heat, and/or Cold.

How much does a dent puller cost?

Cost: Depending upon the specialist's skill and reputation, you should expect to pay from $50 to $120 for a 1-inch dent. Naturally, this base price will increase with the size of the repair — about $10 to $30 for every additional half-inch.

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