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How do you plant pelleted lettuce seeds?

Sow seeds 2" apart, rows 12–18" apart. Cover seed lightly, about 1/8", and firm soil gently. Thin iceberg and romaine lettuce to one plant every 10–12", other types 8–10" for full size heads or 6" for mini heads. Dry soil must be watered to ensure coolness and moisture, and for uniform germination.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, how do you plant pelleted seeds?

How to Plant Pelleted Seeds

  1. Dig the garden patch to a depth of 8 inches, and mix in a 2-inch layer of compost.
  2. Plant one pelleted seed for each spot you wish to grow a mature plant.
  3. Dig holes for the seeds to the same depth you would use for bare seeds without a coating.
  4. Water the soil thoroughly after firming the soil over the pelleted seeds.

should I soak lettuce seeds before planting? In warmer temperatures, imbibing or soaking the seeds in water for at least 16 hours before planting in a well-lit area will increase the germination percentages greatly. Shading the lettuce plants can give enough of a temperature drop to keep them from bolting, sometimes up to 3 – 5 weeks.

In this way, what is pelleted lettuce seed?

Pelleting is a process where seeds are coated with clay, increasing their size and creating a more uniform shape. It allows for easier, more precise seeding either mechanically or by hand.

How long does it take to grow lettuce from seed?

Most lettuce varieties mature in 45 to 55 days, allowing many gardeners to plant two or even three crops. But looseleaf and butterhead leaves can be harvested at just about any time in their development. Heading varieties take longer to mature. Romaine takes 75 to 85 days and crisphead 70 to 100 days.

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