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How do you plant box elder seeds?

Box elder seeds are very easy to germinate using a cold frame or an unheated green house. The seeds can be planted in any moist medium. The seeds can be inserted into the medium or simply distributed on the top. Make sure you don't let the medium dry out.

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Accordingly, is Box Elder a good tree?

Plus, they make GREAT climbing trees. It's also important to point out that a box elder on an ideal site with good moisture and soils can grow to be a really nice specimen tree with a strong central trunk and almost spherical crown.

Secondly, how fast does a boxelder tree grow? Best germination follows stratification for 60-90 days at 33° F. Boxelder seeds germinate in shade or full sun but seedlings begin to die off after 1-2 years unless openings are formed. Successful seedbeds vary greatly. Trees are fast growing, producing up to 1- inch diameter annual growth for the first 15-20 years.

Keeping this in consideration, are box elder trees bad?

Problems With Boxelder Boxelder is a rather unattractive tree where limbs break with a vengeance -- a landscape maintenance nightmare. The fruit droops in clusters which some describe as looking like "dirty brown socks" which adds to the overall trashy look of the tree. The boxelder bug makes things even worse.

What is Box Elder Wood good for?

Common Uses: Turned objects, small ornamental objects, wood pulp, charcoal, boxes, and crates. Comments: Sometimes called “Ash-leaved Maple” because of its non-typical leaves, (see below), Box Elder is technically considered a maple tree (Acer genus).

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