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How do you pick a peacoat?

Just like an Overcoat: With your arms straight down, bend your wrist, so your palms are facing the ground, the sleeves should lightly touch the top of your hand. This length will cover anything you're wearing underneath – which is what you want with a Peacoat.

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Then, how do I choose a peacoat?

  1. Younger men.
  2. Men with average to slender physiques.
  3. Choose 100% wool — or up to a 20% synthetic/wool blend.
  4. Nail the fit.
  5. Pick a versatile, traditional color.
  6. Look on ebay and in consignment and military surplus stores.
  7. Button up.
  8. It's okay to pop the collar, sometimes.

Additionally, what do you wear under a peacoat? Try a casual, thick cotton shirt in a clean pattern and match it with a pair of slim fit chinos and boots. You can easily layer up with an outfit like this, so if it's not warm enough just throw a T-shirt underneath your shirt, or change your boots to thicker leather ones.

Also know, how should a peacoat fit a woman?

As your peacoat should be the right length, it should also have to fit you properly as it drapes your body. The peacoat's length should fall slightly below a woman's hip. In this regard, the rest of your clothes underneath the peacoat should have similar lengths.

When can I wear a peacoat?

Now that it's chilly, your peacoat may be your go-to coat to stay warm and look fashionable. One of the advantages of owning a peacoat is its versatility. It's easy to wear for any occasion during fall and winter months. They are also excellent for enhancing your personal style.

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