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How do you permanently dye plastic?

Step 1: Dip Dye Method
Mix liquid Rit DyeMore according to instructions on bottle, or pour directly into your plastic dyeing containers for deeper colors. Submerge plastic items into the dye bath checking every 10 minutes until desired color is reached.

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Regarding this, can you dye hard plastic?

RIT Plastic Dyeing Rit dye is a product formulated for dyeing fabric. However, Rit also dyes plastic materials very well and it's very popular within the hobby community – their black dye in particular works very well, and it's almost impossible to tell if something is dyed or not.

Also, how do you stain coffee with plastic? I have used Coffee many times to age plastic parts with pretty good results, it does depend on the type of plastic. I usually take some left over coffee and nuke it in the microwave and then soak the parts in it. That will give them a slightly off-white or aged look. Repeat process until you get the look you want.

Also to know is, what paint will stick to PVC?

Plastic Specific Paints These paints have a special formulation that allows them to stick to PVC and other plastic products. The two products are: Krylon Fusion All-In-One™ Rust-O-Leum Paint for Plastic®

Does wood stain stick to plastic?

Stain gives pallid wood surfaces bold, rich color. Fortunately, if you have plastic wood surfaces in your home, you don't need to give up on staining them just yet. Special polyurethane finishes can be applied directly to plastic wood, providing translucent color that imitates real wood stain.

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