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How do you perform a Microhematocrit?

  2. Gently mix the EDTA blood tube by. inverting 8-10 times.
  3. Draw the EDTA blood into a.
  4. Seal the end of the capillary tube with a.
  5. Spin for 3-5 minutes in a hematocrit.
  6. Examine the tube at low.
  7. Look for movement of the microfilariae.
  8. cut at the plasma–buffy coat interface with.

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Consequently, how do you perform a PCV test?

The packed cell volume (PCV) can be determined by centrifuging heparinized blood in a capillary tube (also known as a microhematocrit tube) at 10,000 RPM for five minutes. This separates the blood into layers. The volume of packed red blood cells divided by the total volume of the blood sample gives the PCV.

Similarly, how do you calculate hematocrit? Using either a hematocrit reader or any ruled apparatus, measure the length of the column of the packed red cells and divide it by the length of the whole column of blood (cells and plasma), as in Figure 151.1. To obtain the hematocrit, multiply this number by 100%.

In this manner, how long do you spin Microhematocrit tubes?

Place the capillary tubes in the microhematocrit centrifuge with the sealed end toward the periphery. Duplicate tubes should be opposite each other for balance. Centrifuge for five minutes.

What is Microhematocrit reader?

Microhematocrit Reader Card (Critocap) Microhematocrit Reader Card. Universal capillary tube reader has two ruled charts for precise determination of spun hematocrit values. Constructed from durable, washable, vinyl-laminated plastic. Scaled for standard 75 mm tubes.

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