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How do you paint an orange tree?


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Consequently, what kind of paint do you use on citrus trees?

Painting citrus bark is easy. Special tree paint is available, but any flat, white, latex paint will work. Do not use enamel or oil-based paints as they will harm the tree.

Subsequently, question is, why do they paint orange tree trunks white? If you live in southern Arizona's citrus-growing belt, you've probably seen oranges and other trees with stark white trunks. There's a good reason for painting the exposed bark of citrus. It is particularly sensitive to sunlight, and the paint reflects the ultraviolet rays that can cause sunburn and cracking.

Then, what kind of paint do you use on tree trunks?

latex paint

What is the white paint on fruit trees?

Painting fruit tree trunks with white latex paint can prevent the bark from splitting and cracking off. The painted white trunk will help reflect sunlight during the daytime hours and keep the tree warmer at night, according to a University of Missouri Extension website.

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