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How do you package wine as a gift?

Furoshiki Wrap
Use a tea towel or dishtowel to turn this pretty packaging into a useful and reusable gift. Think outside the box, literally, when it comes to wrapping wine. Attach a bow tie, belt, neck tie or scarf. For your favorite chef, wrap the bottle with a hand towel or place inside an oven mitt.

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People also ask, what goes with wine as a gift?

Cheese, Crackers & Other Foods Packages of pasta, crackers, nuts, smoked salmon and jars of olives are other fun and tasty options. If you want to include chocolate, try matching a milk chocolate with a Pinot Noir, Riesling or a light-bodied Merlot. Dark chocolate goes best with robust wines like Cabs and Zinfandels.

Also Know, how do you wrap multiple bottles of wine? Simply take your wrapping paper, ideally wine-themed wrapping paper, and lay the bottoms of the bottles facing each other. Roll them up, and then tie the tops together. You can also perform this wrapping method using cloth instead of paper.

Regarding this, how do you gift wrap a bottle?

Wrap the bottle like a piece of candy. Center the bottle in the paper. Roll the paper around the bottle tightly. Twist the ends closed and fasten them with ribbons tied in a simple knot. Fan out the ends of the wrapping paper to give the wrapped bottle a stronger resemblance to a wrapped piece of hard candy.

What can I put in a wine gift basket?

A few items you might fill your gift basket with is a bottle of wine, shelf stable cheese, crackers, a couple of wine glasses and if you like some cheese knives or small condiment knives.

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