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How do you muddle mint leaves without a muddler?


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In this way, why do you muddle mint?

Muddling does not mean “mutilating,” “shredding beyond recognition” or “crushing into oblivion.” The point of pressing mint leaves into the bottom of your glass or cocktail shaker is not to incorporate bits of mint into your cocktail, it's to release the concentrated essential oils in the mint leaves so they can infuse

Similarly, can you muddle mint ahead of time? Fresh Ingredients: You can't really pre-muddle herbs and fruit for a cocktail. Mint bruises and will turn brown. Some things you can't really do ahead, and with fresh ingredients, it's best to leave these for actual service. (Even fruit juice shouldn't be added until the day of, see “What to Use” above.)

People also ask, should you muddle mint mojito?

You don't need to muddle it.” We've always been taught that muddling, and muddling correctly, is imperative. About six gentle turns of the muddler—no less, or you won't release the minty freshness. No more, or you'll infuse your drink with the bitter flavors of mud and earth.

How do you get the taste out of mint leaves?

To extract mint oils from leaves, chop the leaves to expose more oils and put them in a sealable jar. Then, pour vodka or another high-proof grain alcohol over the leaves until they are covered. If you want to avoid alcohol, you can use apple cider vinegar or white vinegar, but that will give you a weaker tincture.

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